Turkish Exporters Ready For US Market

May 13 2018

Turkish Exporters Ready For US Market

Last July I was in Turkey and with this great opportunity in hand we had organized a seminar on how to enter the US market. Globrand President Metin Cobanlioglu and I were the ones to brief on how to do business globally and especially in the US market.

It was an extraordinary hot summer in Istanbul and still many people got into Istanbul traffic and came to the seminar.

Metin briefed about value chain and branding, especially on corporate identity building.

I summarized the business culture and expectations in the US market and gave some information about supply chain management and opportunities in this field.

Lots of questions were answered during Q&A session. Turkish exporters are eager to come to US market and they need reliable sources like Trelodex.

Keeping our best quality market entry strategies, we continue to invest in research.

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